How to build Quote in Jobber

Objective: This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the responsibilities and procedures for an  assistant in   Budd’s Plumbing to track down a key performance indicator that tracks our overall conversion of the marketing spend we are spending within Budd’s Plumbing .  

Listed below are the instructions to build a quote. Please follow the instructions as listed 

Computer Instruction: 

1.  Convert Request into Quote by click in green “Convert to Quote” located on the top right of screen  

2.  Input Job Title - Subject to be type of work to be performed example: Bathroom Remodel , Fix Broken pipe , Plumbing repair ect.

3.  Input Product / Service - search for item name. For none set price job use item “Job Scope”

4.  Input description of work to be performed,after selecting line item job scope, click into the description box and type of description.Please be as detailed and clear as possible. Remember our customers are not plumbing.

5.  Scan QR code “Quote Builder” and follow instructions on form as listed. 

6.  Input Non Member Total given from “quote Builder” Form into line item unit price

          a.  If permit is needed for the job 

                    i.  Click on add line item Search “permit Fee” in new product / service block

                   ii.   Search “permit Fee” in new product / service block If optional item is available,

                         click on “Add optional line item”

             b.   If optional item is available, click on “Add optional line item”

                     i. Search line item and select 

                     ii. Search “permit Fee” in new product / service blockv

7.  Review Quote, ensure all items are accounted for. 

8.  Click on Add Required Deposit

9.  Click in down arrow and select %

10.  Change number to 25 % for all 3 phase jobs 50% for 1 phase jobs 

11.  Message to client may be input, Not mandatory. 

12.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save and….

13.  Click on “Send as Text Messages”

14.  Click on green Send

This quote has now been sent to the customer and a follow call or email will be set on your schedule 2 days after this quote has been sent. 

Note: This SOP can be customized based on the specific requirements and guidelines of Budd’s Plumbing. Regularly review and update the SOP to ensure it remains accurate and aligned with the company's evolving needs. Make notes below in Red that would make this SOP more efficient. Before changing the SOP above, Ben and Mike need to sign off on it.