Explain the importance of this process and the benefits

      ● Consistent experience to the customer

     ● Organization and clear communication between yourself and schedule manger

Explain the break down of the SOP and all that is covered in the process

     ● Communication to the customer before the visit

     ● Arrival to the visit

     ● Introducing yourself and assessing the situation

     ● Building a quote and presenting to the customer

     ● Converting approved quote to job

     ● Scheduling new job

     ● Performing the work and closing out the job

     ● Collecting payment

Employee Training

     ● Provide SOP print out for each personal Company handbook

     ● Sharing on the big screen, run through SOP showing step by step

     ● Provide 3- different scenarios for each Tech to perform the SOP

     ● Provide guidelines and answer any questions

     ● Leave 30 mins at the end of training for questions and/or suggestions.

     ● Take notes of training and suggestions made

     ● Keep energy up in the room reminding everyone the benefits of following this SOP

     ● Insure the importance if this SOP and consequence of not following

Training Schedule

      ● 1st training- minimum of 1 hr with no more than 3 employees at a time

      ● 2nd training - to be scheduled 3 day after 1st training to review and get input from the

          field.Minimum of 1 Hr

      ● 3rd Training- to be scheduled 1 week after 2nd training and is review any changes

          and/or upgrades to the SOP


Reporting and Performance Monitoring

      ● Text to customer of arrival time

      ● Tech clicking job start time clock

      ● Notes and pictures being added to the job. Min of 2

      ● Options provided on the quotes

      ● One Off Jobs - timing from Tech to written quote

      ● Timing from quote presented/sent to approval

      ● Jobs being done during diagnosis visit vs rescheduling

      ● Job forms being completed

Objective: This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the responsibilities and procedures for an assistant in  Budd’s Plumbing to track down a key performance indicator that tracks our overall conversion of the marketing spend we are spending within Budd’s Plumbing .