Service Process - Budd's Plumbing SOP

Objective: This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the responsibilities and procedures for an  assistant of Budd’s Plumbing to track down the key performance indicator that tracks our overall conversion of the marketing spend we are spending within Budd’s Plumbing .  


 1. Review Schedule in Jobber

  1. Click on next appointment job (Blue) block
  2. Review request instruction 
  3. Click on address direction symbol (green) 
  4. Review direction, maps may be used while driving 
  5. Return to Jobber 
  6. Click on message tag on top right corner of screen 
  7. Click green “Send on my way Text”  
  8. Select approximate drive time to this visit < Click green “Send Text  
  9. Proceed to the location 

2. Arrival to property

  1. Only when necessary is the truck to be parked in or in front of the customer driveway.
  2. Introduce yourself to the customer sharing your first name and asking the customer to show and explain the task at hand. Example: Hello, (customer name) my name is (Name) with Budd’s Plumbing. How are you today? I understand you are having some plumbing issues? ( be sure to express empathy to the customer and understanding although we may see this every day, they don’t. ) If you don't mind I’ll take a look and come up with some solutions and get you taken care of. 
  3. Asses the situation 
  4. Click on Notes < Add Notes
  5. Click green + under attach files < take a Photo ( min of two photos required)
  6. Type short clear description explaining photo Click Quotes checkbox
  7. Click green Save

 3. Building a Quote 

  1. Click on green “Convert to Quote” 
  2. Input Job title < Example: Toilet Repair 1st floor bath
  3. Click in green + next to Line Items 
  4. Search line items that best describes the task(s) at hand
  5. Click green “Add to Quote
  6. Review line item and confirm Quantity 
    1. If line item is an upgrade and/or up sale mark line item as optional by clicking on toggle. Turning it green 
    2. If an item is recommended click on toggle. Turning it green 
  7. Click on green “Save Line Item” 
    1. If additional line items are needed, repeat steps 3-7
  8. Review Quote, Adding message to client click on green +, if special instructions or notes are needed. 
  9. Click on green “Review & Send” Review with customer if present. 
  10. Click green “Next” < Send by text message< Click green “Send Text”
  11. Customers will receive the quote via text message. 

          a. Customer is present at the time of the visit 

               i. Inform customer quote was sent via text message

           b. Customer is not present at the time of the visit

               i. Waiting no more than 15 mins after the quote was sent. If no reply nor approval is received, notify the office via                    text message you are moving on to the next visit. 

Note: Scroll down on page to refresh to check for approvals 

5. Quote has been Approved and Work can be done on this visit 

  1. Click on green “Schedule Job” 
  2. Review “New Job” page to confirm no changes have been made
  3. Select todays date
  4. Select start time and estimated end time (If task at hand is to excess 3 hrs, check with office for scheduling ) 
  5. Click green “Save”
  6. Click green “ Send Booking Confirmation” < Send by text messages< Sent Text
  7. Return to Schedule
  8. Click green Visit tab for current customer 

Quote Approved and Work is to be scheduled for a later date 

  1. Click on green “Schedule Job” 
  2. Review “New Job” page to confirm no changes have been made
  3. Select Schedule Later
  4. Notify the office via text Job is to be rescheduled. Explain reason for rescheduling purpose. Example: Items are on order, Permit is needed, Job needs more time than this day allows. 
  5. Move on to next scheduled visit

Note: All rescheduled visits are to be done by the schedule manager.

 Start Job

  1. Click green “Start Time” 
  2. Proform work quoted and approved
  3. Floor covering must be put down in work area 
  4. Keep work area clean while working 

6. Complete Visit

  1. Click Notes < Add Notes
  2. Take a minimum of 2 pictures of the work area and/or item(s) worked on
  3. Type description of pictures under "write note to your team"
  4. Click on checkbox next to "share note internally on selected client work
  5. Click green SAVE button at bottom of page
  6. Complete Job Form and click green SAVE button
  7. Click green Complete Visit button
  8. Click Close job and invoice now
  9. Click green “Review & Send < Review and Next < Send by text message < Send Text 
  10. Close out Job

              a. Customer is present  

                  i. Notify the customer invoice has been sent and they may pay by opening the message. 

                  ii. Confirm customer is satisfied with our service 

                  iii. Return to schedule and repeat steps to next appointment

              b. Customer is not present 

                   i. Notify the Office Job is completed and you are moving to next appointment 

                   ii. Return to schedule and repeat steps to next appointment

Note: This SOP can be customized based on the specific requirements and guidelines of Budd’s Plumbing. Regularly review and update the SOP to ensure it remains accurate and aligned with the company's evolving needs. Make notes below in Red that would make this SOP more efficient. Before changing the SOP above, Ben and Mike need to sign off on it. 


Explain the importance of this process and the benefits 

  • Consistent experience to the customer 
  • Organization and clear communication between yourself and schedule manger 

Explain the break down of the SOP and all that is covered in the process 

  • Communication to the customer before the visit 
  • Arrival to the visit 
  • Introducing yourself and assessing the situation
  • Building a quote and presenting to the customer
  • Converting approved quote to job 
  • Scheduling new job
  • Performing the work and closing out the job 
  • Collecting payment 

Employee Training 

  • Provide SOP print out for each personal Company handbook 
  • Sharing on the big screen, run through SOP showing step by step 
  • Provide 3- different scenarios for each Tech to perform the SOP 
  • Provide guidelines and answer any questions 
  • Leave 30 mins at the end of training for questions and/or suggestions. 
  • Take notes of training and suggestions made
  • Keep energy up in the room reminding everyone the benefits of following this SOP 
  • Insure the importance if this SOP and consequence of not following 

Training Schedule   

  • 1st training-  minimum of 1 hr with no more than 3 employees at a time 
  • 2nd training - to be scheduled 3 day after 1st training to review and get input from the field.Minimum of 1 Hr 
  • 3rd Training- to be scheduled 1 week after 2nd training and is review any changes and/or upgrades to the SOP 
  • Additional training is to be scheduled if any changes are made within the this SOP 


Reporting and Performance Monitoring

  • Text to customer of arrival time 
  • Tech clicking job start time clock 
  • Notes and pictures being added to the job. Min of 2
  • Options provided on the quotes 
  • One Off Jobs - timing from Tech to written quote 
  • Timing from quote presented/sent to approval 
  • Jobs being done during diagnosis visit vs rescheduling 
  • Job forms being completed