Delhaven City Water Hook Up Procedure


This Document is to explain step by step the procedure of city water hook up inside the delhaven area. Please review and use this document for future reference. 

What Is City Water Hook Up? 

In the Delhaven area, city water has been brought to the area by Lower Township MUA. Existing homes inside this area up until now have had well water. Any homeowner that requested to be connected to city water is now required to have a licensed plumber, connect to the city meter and bring a new water service into the building and make new connections. 


1.  Home owners are required to pay a fee of $1,600.00 to Lower Township MUA. 

          a. This is to be completed and paid before a permit can be issued

                    i. Lower Township MUA - 609-886-7146 Ext: 3 Ask for Becky 

                               1. Provide a customer address and they will provide payment information and also confirm payment was made.

                                   Ask to have receipt to be emailed

                               2. Attach receipt to job notes in jobber

                   ii. $1600.00 fee $400.00 down and $300.00 over the next 4 years 

                                1. Phase 1: Due end of August or they collect interest 

                                2. Phase 2: Due by 12/31/2023

                                3. Phase 3: Due by end of April 2024

2.  Plumbing permit must be submitted, approved and paid for before any work is to be scheduled and/or started 

            a. The permit and permit fee will be completed and paid for by Budd’s Plumbing and shall be included in the quote. 

3. Mark out must be called in and cleared before any work is scheduled and/or started.

            a. We will be responsible for calling this mark out. 

            b. We will provide the customer with details and schedules for utilities personnel at the time the mark out is called in.  

4.  Any home with more than 3 baths must have 1 ¼” water main installed to meet local code. Any home over 5 baths must have

       1 ½” water main installed to meet local codes. 

5.  A 50% deposit shall be required at the time or quote approval. 

Current Marketing Strategy:

1. Postcards 

           a.  Postcards have been sent out to all homes inside this area. QR code listed on postcard leads customer to submittal form.

               This form will appear as an Asana task with instructions on how to proceed. 

2.  Yard Signs 

            a.  As we complete water services we will ask the customer to leave one of our signs showing we did the work. 

3.  Refer a Friend

            a. We will be offering a $50.00 Amazon gift card to anyone who refers us to a landed water service job. 

                    i.  Included on the submittal form friend of referral is to be listed by email and first name.
                        Once job is sold workflow will be triggered to send gift card out 

Process to be followed:

1.  Receive call,submittal form and/or request from customer 

2.  Onsite assessment is to be scheduled via jobber 

           a. New client may need to be added if not existing 

3.  Onsite assessment will take place

           a. We will explain the process and the work to be done 

           b. We will provide a quote on site 

                   i. If quote is approved on site, move to next step 

                   ii. If quote is not approved a reminder will be set for 2 days and will we reach out to the customer

                       and see if they have made a decision

4. Quote is approved 

          a. We will collect 50% deposit 

          b. We will convert quote into job leaving unscheduled 

                  i. Team members assigned are to be: Dagoberto, Efrain and Michael Sr.

5. Confirmation of MUA payment 

          a. Call MUA and confirm payment has been made and request email of receipt

                 i. If payment has not been made to MUA 

                           1.   Contact the customer and notify them of the requirements and contact to get this started. 

           b. Receipt is to be added to job notes inside jobber 

6. Permit is to be filled and handed into middle township 

             a. Each permit is to have a jacket filled out 

             b. Subcard is to be filled out and sealed 

             c. Zoning is not required for water service hook up 

7.  Mark out is to be called in and scheduled 

8.  Township will reach out and confirm payment amount for permit 

              a. Payment by check it to be made out to Middle Township

              b. Expenses is to be added to job inside jobber 

              c. Check is to be dropped up to middle township construction office where permit card will be granted 

9.  Job is to be scheduled

             a.  Confirming markout has clears 

             b.  Contacting customer with possible availability

             c.  Keep eye on weather when scheduling, 

             d. Confirm booking by text message 

10 Inspection is to be called in

             a. This work is to be inspected, we want this to happen the same day as install. 

11. Work is completed and job is closed

             a. Invoice is to be sent out via text and/or email for final payment. 

Workflow inside Asana: 

Once a quote is approved for a city water hookup a task will be created inside asana with a workflow as shown listed below. Each item below represents a subtask which will list full instructions and how to video on each process. As the subtasks are completed the following will be assigned accordingly. 

  1. Task will be created inside Water hook up project 
  2. Assessment scheduled 
  3. Sales 
  4. Approval/Deposit
  5. Permit process 
  6. Mark out 
  7. Schedule
  8. Inspection 
  9. Completion of work 
  10. Final payment 
  11. Customer review  

Frequently Ask Questions from the customer: 

  • What happens to my well? 
    • There are 2 answers to this question 
      • The existing well line will be capped under the home and the existing pump will be disconnected,removed and discard 
      • The answer is yes with conditions. There has to be a complete physical separation between your well and the house’s domestic water system, the well must be physically separated from the domestic water system. - This usually is an extra cost due to the extra work labor and material involved. This will be added to the quote as an option. 
  • What happens to my water treatment system? 
    • Again there are 2 answers to this question 
      • Existing treatment system may remain in place.
      • Existing treatment system may be removed and discarded. This usually costs extra due to the extra labor involved. This will be listed as an option on the quote and is usually recommended.
  • How soon can you do it? 
    • After all required paperwork and fees have been collected. We are usually able to schedule the work within 10-14 business days. 
  • How bad will this tear my yard up? 
    • Although we are not a landscaping company, we will do everything in our power to make the yard look as good if not better than when we started. 

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