Adding Expense in jobber app

Objective: This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the responsibilities and procedures for an  assistant in   Budd’s Plumbing to track down a key performance indicator that tracks our overall conversion of the marketing spend we are spending within Budd’s Plumbing .  

Listed below are the instructions on how to add an expense using the Jobber app while out in the field. Every company purchase made out in the field must be added using this workflow.

1.   Expenses can be quickly added from the Jobber App using the quick create menu, in the bottom right.

          1. Type in Title -

             a. Job Expense (Items/material purchased for a specific job)

                   i. Title is to match Job # 

             b. Gas 

                   i. Title to be gas 

              c. Truck Stock (Items purchased not for a specific job, including Tools) 

                   i. Title to be Truck Stock

          2.   Description- is not necessary, and does not need to be filled out

              a . Job Expense

                   i.  Parts 

               b.  Gas 

                    i.   Mileage on odometer at the time of entering expense 

                c.  Truck Stock 

                      i.  Describe what was purchased Examples: (Screws, Material, Tool)

     3.  Input date of entry

     4.  Input total amount as shown on the receipt and/or invoice

    5.  Reimburse to

     a.  Leave as “Not reimbursable” 

     b.  If expense is reimbursable

          i.  Click on down arrow and select your name 

      6.  Accounting Code > click on down arrow

        a.  Select best fit to this expense

    7.   Click on green plus sign under Attach receipt

          a.  Click on “take a photo” 

          b.  Take photo of receipt matching this expense 

          c.  Use Photo 

     8.   Click the Green save button at the bottom of the page. 

Note: This SOP can be customized based on the specific requirements and guidelines of Budd’s Plumbing. Regularly review and update the SOP to ensure it remains accurate and aligned with the company's evolving needs. Make notes below in Red that would make this SOP more efficient. Before changing the SOP above, Ben and Mike need to sign off on it.