Submitting a Job Report

Objective: This SOP will show how to enter a Job Report in Jobber.  Technicians are required to submit their job report which can be downloaded in ASANA. At the end of each visit, check Asana for the assigned task.


1.     Log in to both Asana and Jobber. 

2.     Download the job report from Asana to check job information.

3.     Log in to Jobber and use the search function to find the job using its job number.

4.     Select the Job # and will be routed to a new screen which will show the job details screen.

5.     Scroll down to the notes section in Jobber.

6.     Type the job report in the description field and save.

7.     Save the downloaded report to the notes section in Jobber.

8.     Enter the date of submission, ensuring it matches the date on the Asana task.

Output Sample:


9.  Mark the task in Asana as completed.








Note: This SOP can be customized based on the specific requirements and guidelines of Budd’s Plumbing. Regularly review and update the SOP to ensure it remains accurate and aligned with the company's evolving needs. Make notes below in Red that would make this SOP more efficient. Before changing the SOP above, Ben and Mike need to sign off on it.