New Plumbing Project and Remodel

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the responsibilities and procedures for an assistant in  Budd’s Plumbing to track down a key performance indicator that tracks our overall conversion of the marketing spend we are spending within Budd’s Plumbing.

Listed below are the instructions to build a quote inside a jobber for a new plumbing project or plumbing remolde. Please follow the instructions as shown. 

Converting Request to Quote 

1. Found Request inside jobber by clicking on “Requests”

2. Click on the the request matching asana task name

3. Review Request confirming the project is one we are looking to take on. Take in consideration of type, size, location and time  frame. 

     a. Review Note located at the bottom of the request

     If note are not attached

          i. See SubTask “ Requesting more information” inside asana some text

               1. Assign to 

               2. Set Due date to within one day of request 

               3. Inside the message board of this subtask, list all questions and information                                     needed.

4. Review Plans 

     a. Take note of all plumbing fixtures in and outside of the project. 

     b. Make list of all plumbing fixtures 

     c. Review location of all mechanicals 

     d. Review all notes listed on plans 

5. Convert Request to Job inside Jobber 

     a. On Request Form click on “More Actions” > Convert To Quote

     b. Input Job Title

           i.  Job Title to be job address / job type

          ii. Input Product / Service

               1. Payment Schedule 25/50/25

          iii. Input Product / Service type to match Job type

               1. New Plumbing Project

               2. Plumbing Remodel 

               3. Job Scope

          iv. Input 3 line items some text

               1. Job deposit 

               2. Rough bill 

               3. Final Bill-1

          v. Scroll to the button of the screen and slick “Save Quote”

6. Create Drive Folder some text

         a. Open Google Drive > Budds Plumbing > Estimates 

         b. Right Click on “New Plumbing Temp Sheet”  > Make a copy

7. Right click on “Copy of New Plumbing Temp Sheet” > Rename

8. Rename folder to match Quote # provided inside Jobber > Ok

9. Open new spreadsheet some text

          a. Input Builder/Customer: 

          b. Date: (noted on plans)Reviewing notes add Qty to each item shown on plans

          c. Reviewing notes add Qty to each item shown on plans

10. Review Sheet assuring everything is accounted for 

11. Click on “Sheet2” to open

12. Delete all items with “0” Qty 

         a. Right click in line

          b.“Delete Row”

13. Copy all remaining items some text

          a. Left click on corner of top item and highlight all items remainingRight click on highlighted items > click on copy

          b. Right click on highlighted items > click on copy

14. Paste Copied Qty items to quote inside jobber under “Plumbing Components Included:”

15. Click on “Add Line Item” > “Fixture Agreement”

16. Click on “Add Optional Line Item” > Fixture Option

17. On Quote spreadsheet sheet2 Fixture list > Delete all items with 0 Qty amount 

18. Highlight and copy Fixture list

19. Paste all items into description under Fixture Option on Jobber quote

20. Input Line item

          a. New Plumbing Project some text

               i. Total listed on Quote spreadsheet Sheet1 Line 25 “Job Total Sale Price”Input draw total under each draw line item inside

                  Jobber quote some text

               ii. Input draw total under each draw line item inside Jobber quote

                    1. Deposit 25% 

                    2. Rough 50% 

                    3. Final 25%

          b. Fixture Options some text

               i. Total listed on Quote Spreadsheet Sheet1 Line 25 “Fixture Allowance” 

21. Inside Jobber Quote input line item Payment Schedule

22. Review Notes and Quote

23. Take Screenshot of Visit Allowance from Quote Spreadsheet and attache to notes inside Jobber and title to be Visit Allowance

24. Click on “Update And… > Send as Email

25. Add Plan attachments and click “Send Email”

Note: This SOP can be customized based on the specific requirements and guidelines of Budd’s Plumbing. Regularly review and update the SOP to ensure it remains accurate and aligned with the company's evolving needs. Make notes below in Red that would make this SOP more efficient. Before changing the SOP above, Ben and Mike need to sign off on it.