Trigger: Initial inquiry gets submitted via platform

  1. Screening questions (auto reply email)

                  a.  Thank you!

                  b. Jotform created with screening questions including our core values and how we are aligned gets                        texted/emailed out 12 hours after submission

                            i. This will be texted and emailed

                  c. Link to upload resume 

                            i. Once submitted

                                  1. Google Drive folder (Applicants  NAME) automatically gets created in Budds Plumbing > HR >                                       Recruiting> Potential Applicants in .pdf format

                                  2. Screening question answers and resume go into folder

                                  3. New line in “Potential Applicants” Google sheet gets created with provider’s info (Name, highest                                        schooling degree, licenses held, years of experience) - 

                                              a. (Copy link here)

                                  4. Auto reply email goes out with link for applicant to schedule an initial interview or can be last question                                        on jotform) via zoom/google meet

  1. Screen resumes / check references (prior to initial interview

                 a. Interviewer confirms screening questions are completed, resume is uploaded, provider meets basic criteria                     (degree, license)

                                i. They will be triggered to confirm once the calendly link is received.

                                    1. Calendly message will include verbiage that says we will contact them to confirm once we                                         fully check their background.

                                ii. If criteria is met

                                      1. Interviewer checks references

                                               a.  If references check out

                                                         i. Interviewer confirms interview in calendar 

                                                                1. Auto message goes out “Thank you for applying to BestLife Counseling, looking                                                                     forward to meeting you!”

                                                  b. If references DO NOT check out

                                                          i. Interviewer reaches out to applicant asking for clarification 

                                   iii. If criteria is NOT met

                                          1. Interviewer reaches out to provider asking for clarification on missing basic criteria

  1. Interview

                 a. Welcome and Introduction

                       i.  Begin the interview by warmly welcoming the candidate and introducing yourself and any other interviewers                             present

                       ii. Provide an overview of the interview structure

                  b. ***IMPORTANT*** Talk specifically about the provider for 45 minutes of interview

                        i. Listen attentively and take accurate notes on the following:

                              1. Personal hobbies

                              2. Life - Family unit, family origination, commute

                              3. Professional interests

                              4. Life and professional goals

                                   a. Short term

                                    b. 10 year

                    c. Candidate Assessment

                            i. Assess culture fit

                                1. Internally motivated

                                2. Honest

                           ii. Assess contribution

                           iii.  Assess performance

                    d. Describe Budd’s Plumbing culture

                          i. Providers that work together

                         ii. Processes above everything

                         iii. Continuity of care

                         iv. Remove barriers to treatment

                   e. Preview future connection

                       i. Paint the picture for providers of where they can be in x number of years at

                          Budd’s Plumbing

                    f. Describe the benefits of working with Budd’s Plumbing

                       i. Great culture

                             1. Not top down

                             2. Grow with us

                             3. No burn out

                             4. Sales training

                             5. Schooling encouraged

                                   a. Mention program here

                             6. Skill training

                             7. Paid days off?

                             8. Vacation?

                             9. Ability to be your authentic self (freedom with tattoos, piercings, hair color, dress)

                             10. 4 days off?

  1. Evaluation and Selection

               i. Evaluate each candidate’s responses and qualifications

               ii. Compare candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and overall fit within culture

               iii. Document interview answers, your evaluation and recommendations to aid in the decision

                    making process

               iv. Follow-Up:

                  1. Notify candidates of the selection outcome

                       a. If selected

                            i. Send appropriate “Tentative Offer Letter”

                        b. If NOT selected

                             i. Send “Denial Letter”

                             ii. Add provider to “Denied Applicant Sheet”

                 2. Provide feedback to candidates who request it, offering constructive insights on areas

                     for improvement

                 3. Maintain confidentiality throughout the process

5. Growth KPIs to track

a. Application to interview conversion rate

b. Interview to hire conversion rate

c. Number of inquiries vs spend

d. Offer to acceptance ratio

e. Time to fill: Amount of time it takes to fill a spot from the time it was opened