First Impression

Objective: This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for our first impression outlines the responsibilities and procedures for our customer service rep within   Budd’s Plumbing to handle an incoming work request and how to do so. The goal is to streamline the incoming lead experience to not only streamline our process, but to  show the prospective client that our process is dialed in.

When you show a customer you have a process, they trust the brand that much more. 

Online Booking/OR Work Request:

  1. Customer books online using the booking option or work request.
  2. The request is sent and received in Jobber.
  3. On the home page, under the Request block, click on "Schedule Assessment."

              4. In Podium, click on "Inbox," then the "Blue Pen" block, and type the client name from the request.

                    a. If automation didn't work, you will have to add the contact.

                           i. Click the blue pencil. 

                          ii. Type out phone number 

                          iii. Click new contact below

            5. In the message block, select the template "First Impression," input the next available date and time based on the schedule in

                Jobber, and send.

          6. Receive a text from the customer with agreement or suggestion.

                 a. If the suggested date and time are available, confirm the time slot via text and move on to step 7.

                 b. If date and time offered do not work for the customer, provide 2- appointment opening to the customer. 

           7. If New Customer inside Podium use template “ Credit Card Info New Customer” If existing customer and credit card

               is on file move to step 10

                a. Customer agrees to receive a text message. Move to step 8 

                b. Customers don't  agree to giving credit cards. Inside Podium use template “  Credit Card Requirement Denied”

            8. Return to Jobber> Open Customer profile by clicking green “Paper clip” symbol

           9. Click on green “Send SMS Request” < Click green “Send”

          10. Credit Card is returned and on File < Return to customer request form 

          11. Click green Schedule Assessment

          12. Input instructions based on job type or special customer instruction

          13. correct start date and end date based and times ( Start and end time is to be a 3 hour window)

          14. Click green “+Assign” < Select team member based of job type and availability

          15. Team Reminder < Select 30 Min Before

         16. Click on green “Update Request”

         17. Return to Podium< Using Template “ Appointment Booked”

Phone Call:

  1. Open Jobber home page 
  2. Answer the phone:
  •  "This is (Name) with Budd's Plumbing. How may we help you today?"
  1. Gather the job type information and location of the visit.
  2. Review the schedule and pick the best opening based on the job type time slot.
    • "Looks like we could have someone out on (Date) (Time). Will this work for you?" 

                              i. Customer agrees to the appointment date and time, move to step 5.

                              ii. If the date and time do not work for the customer, review the schedule and provide two other appointment openings, then move to step 4.

         5. From the Jobber home page, click the green "New Request."


  •    "Perfect, (Customer first name). Before we move forward, if it's okay, I'll gather some of your information."

        6. Click on "Client Name."

        i. For an existing customer, type in the customer's name.

              1. Move to step 7

        ii. For a new customer, click "Create New Client."

                     1. Input customer information.

                     2. Click the green "Create Client."

      7. Fill out request forms by asking customers and inputting answers. Stopping at “on site assessment required”

      8. Explain the process if new customer 

          i. If existing customer move to step 14

  • Great!!! (Customer First Name) before we confirm your appointment, we do require a credit card on file. Would you mind if I gather that now? Or I can text you a link if you feel more comfortable with that?
  1. Click green “Save” 
  2. Click on green Paper Clip symbol next to customer name
  3. Scroll down to “payment methods

             i. Customer wishes to give over phone:

                   1. Click on green +Add

                   2. Input Credit Card information given

            ii. Customer wishes to receive texted link 

                   1. Click on green “Send SMS Request” 

                   2. Click Green Send

            iii. Credit card information is gather move to step 12

    12. On Customer profile page under Overview < Click on Request 

    13. Click on most recent request 

    14. Click “Schedule Assessment” 

    15. Input job type and/or notes from customer

    16. Input start date and start and end time ( These times are to be a 3 hour window) 

    17. Click on green “ Update Request” 

    18. End Conversation 

  • Prefect (Customer First Name) we are all set. You will received a text from us confirming your appointment 1 day before. And will receive a text message from (Technician First Name) to let you know they are on their way. We also ask that you or a representative is present or available via text message during our visit. Do you have any questions or is there anything else I can help you with? Well thank you for calling Budd’s Plumbing and we look forward to seeing you. Enjoy your day. 

Note: This SOP can be customized based on the specific requirements and guidelines of Budd’s Plumbing. Regularly review and update the SOP to ensure it remains accurate and aligned with the company's evolving needs. Make notes below in Red that would make this SOP more efficient. Before changing the SOP above, Ben and Mike need to sign off on it. ‘


Explain the importance of this process and the benefits 

  • Consistent interaction with the customer 
  • Clear understanding to the customer of our process 
  • Documentation of all calls,texts and interactions with the customer 
  • Clear reporting for efficiency and performance 

Explain the break down of the SOP and all that is covered in the process 

  • First impressions to the customer 
  • Explanation of our process 
  • How to handle and answer questions from the customer 
  • Collecting new customer credit card 
  • Booking on site assessment  

Employee Training 

  • Provide SOP print out for each personal Company handbook 
  • Sharing on the big screen, run through SOP showing step by step 
  • Provide guidelines and answer any questions 
  • Leave 30 mins at the end of training for questions and/or suggestions. 
  • Take notes of training and suggestions made
  • Keep energy up in the room reminding everyone the benefits of following this SOP 
  • Insure the importance of this SOP and consequence of not following 

Training Schedule   

  • 1st training-  minimum of 1 hr with no more than 3 employees at a time 
  • 2nd training - to be scheduled 1 week after 1st training to review and get input from the field.Minimum of 1 Hr 
  • 3rd Training- to be scheduled 3 week after 2nd training and is review any changes and/or upgrades to the SOP 
  • Additional training is to be scheduled if any changes are made within the this SOP 


  • Phone calls vs Text Message Request 
  • Online vs Phone requests 
  • Average time of booking from time request received 
  • Average time customer is waiting for response 

Note / Changes 

  • 5. Will online booking take care of this? Can we have it auto fill date and time ?