Customer Report for Completed Job

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the responsibilities and procedures for an assistant in Budd’s Plumbing to send the Customer Report when a Service Call job has been completed. 

Open the task created under the Jobber project within the Customer Report section.

(Sample task created when a new Service Call job has been completed)

Fill out the Customer Report Jotform. The link can be found within the Task description. This Jotform link is pre-filled with the answers from the Job Report Jotform. 

Edit the answers to better cater to the customer's perspective. 

Attach the Images from the original jotform. No need to navigate to the original submission; the images will be linked to the current task you're handling (see image below).

After completing the task, please click on the "Submit" button. Please avoid closing the "Thank you Page." Instead, select the "Download PDF".

Navigate to your Email Drafts ( A draft email is automatically created with the outreach template. The subject of the email is Budd’s Plumbing: Job Report [Actual Job Number].some text

  1. Attach the downloaded Customer Report.
  2. Copy/paste the Customer’s info from Jobber.

Once sent, mark the Task as Complete.